What to Pack First while Moving House

image of labeling the boxes for move

We all like moving to a new place, a better place probably seeking change or just due to personal or professional commitments. A new home gives a new perspective towards life and helps us leave some of our ugly past behind too! However, the whole process of cross country moving from one place to Scottsdale AZ or any another is not as pretty as it seems.

Instead, it is a lot of planning, hard work and dedication too. It does cost you your sweat and blood in first buying a new house and then moving into it with the whole lot of stuff that you have gathered through years of shopping!

In this article, I am going to guide you about the way you can plan the out of state moving process and divide it into small steps according to priority. So let us begin, and first things first we already know that the whole relocation process includes making an inventory of your possessions, sorting things correctly, clearing your old house, etc. However, the idea that should be your top priority is to get your stuff packed properly before moving which altogether constitutes to be one of the most significant tasks while moving.

The Packing Process

As already mentioned it is one of the most critical operations which means that if you are negligent during this whole process, there is a high risk of some damage or breakage to occur to priced possessions. So now the question that is so often hitting us while relocating is What to pack first while moving house? It is then we realize that we have so much stuff at home that we need to categorize all of it and then start packing according to the priority which means that the things which we need the least should be packed at the very beginning.

So we know already that what is kept where and we now have to begin picking the things from least needed to most needed.

Categories of home stuff and their packing

So we all have some things in our storerooms or garages which we use the least, then some items which are not very essential and lastly items which are most useful to us. So accordingly we should start packing.

1. Storage room stuff

In every house be it villas, apartments, etc. we have places like the garages, attics, small cabins or proper storerooms where we often dumb old goods which we hardly use like old vehicle parts, bicycles, iron parts, cans, old clothes and much more. We know that those things are forgotten, and they remain untouched for months which makes it to the lowest needed stuff in our priority list.

Which is why we should make a point that we start storing and packing them at the beginning as we know that we are not going to need them in our new house too. It will require a lot of time if you have lots of stuff which you need to segregate into goods to be donated or sold, goods to be packed and goods to let go. This segregation into three categories will help you achieve your target in a better way.

Goods to be sold or donated: These are those goods in our storage which are in condition and which might be eligible to get traded or given to someone who needs it more. These might be old clothes, supplies, equipment etc. which are no longer being used in the household but can be sold or donated.

Goods to be packed: There are certain goods that we actually need and use on a regular basis and which might get used in our new home too which is why we need to pack them to be carried with us.

Goods to let go: These will constitute of entirely useless products which might be considered trash for us and cannot be used anymore for the benefit of the household which is why they need to be meet gone before they begin to occupy the vital space of our new home too!.

It’s also important that you dispose the trash goods as soon as possible and pack the useful ones.

2. Non-essential stuff

Non-essential stuff mainly constitutes of all the things in our home that we won’t require immediately when we reach our new home and which can remain packed for a week or two pertaining to the stressful and tiring process of relocating. It consists of things like decorations like photo frames, souvenirs and all kinds of other decorations that we have.

Other things that might come into this category is books, office stationery, DVDs and CDs and video games, etc. which you won’t need for the first few days as you will be too tired to use them. They can all be stacked and packed. Things like shoes or off-season clothes might also meet the criteria for non-essential stuff and can be used that way. Items like special crockery, kitchenware which you won’t need in the first few days might as well qualify.

Apart from this, any sort of knick-knack that you might feel you don’t need for a week or two can be put aside for a week or two should be packed that way.

3. Most essential stuff

There is stuff in our homes like daily wear clothes, food items, Important utensils that we will require immediately after moving should be packed last and kept aside in a way that we can reach them easily while unpacking should be packed that way.

The electronics, glass items or anything fragile should be kept in a way that it does not break and can be remembered very well. They should be unpacked first while you relocate to your new home and start unpacking. Make sure you have loose pairs of clothes, utensils and for kids toys handy which they can use for a week or so until the whole things get unpacked. Also, make sure that you have all your big furniture pieces appropriately dissembled. If necessary ensure to carry some extra bags or boxes while moving in case of any unpredictable damage.

The above tips from Cross Country Moving Scottsdale team, have been designed keeping all your necessities in mind and making sure that you and your family do not lose any stuff while relocating and have all your stuff relocated in excellent condition. The whole process of relocation is tiring, but if dealt with planning and patience it can turn out to be fun and exciting for the elders as well as the kids in the family.

Al you need is a plan and some good help with which you can turn this experience into a memorable one which you can cherish later. So pull up your pants and get ready for your journey of relocation!