How to Survive a Long-Distance Move

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Relocating across long distances sometimes seems unreasonably costly, which may cause inconveniences in your personal life as well. For hassle-free relocation, nowadays people have to take the services of professional movers and packers. However, the selection of a right service provider for packing and moving is a hard task. In such situation, the person seeking the help will always demand accuracy and reliability at the same time tension free services from the mover. You need an ultimate guide about long distance relocation!

How to select a moving company?

It is true that internet websites are flooding with the names of agencies providing moving or relocating services. Here only way is to believe in word-of-mouth and past reference of the mover company with stable client perception. Referrals from close friends also carry weight. But unsatisfactory movement reports are so vast that it will be difficult for you to decide which one is trustworthy. Here’s one related article about how to choose the best cross country moving company.

Categories of moving companies

A popular option is to take help from a Moving Broker. They may be considered as a middleman. The process is you select a broker who investigates the mover market a select for you the right person. You pay a fee, and they find you a moving company. He also provides you the cost estimate for the entire journey. Although service of a broker is beneficial and useful, the general rule is to avoid the middleman as they are unnecessarily expensive and add on your relocation cost. Although finding moving companies is difficult, with proper planning one can find professional moving company that will make the process seamless.

Get Insured

Many incidences may happen to your goods loaded in the back of the truck. Over thousands of miles journey. It’s being packed and unloaded by multiple numbers of crews. Moving is a high-risk activity, according to a report from the American Moving & Storage Association, AMSA, “More than 80% of all moves have no claim filed” which signifies lack of insurance.

Valuable tips

A decent moving company or a mover shall be able to pack, load, deliver and unload your shipment to any location and often have added services such as immigration and visa support, pet relocation, financial services, and storage. The long-distance mover’s cost is always on the higher side of course, but the mover is more professionally managed and in a structured manner.

Check the license

It is needless to state that how much important is involved in checking the license. It is mandatory for every professional mover to have a registration number known as a USDOT number, ie.US Department of Transportation Number.

What is the cost?

The thing is important here is the scope of service covered by the mover. It needs investigation, cost and when additional fees are applicable. Many movers charge extra for moving a piano or a big screen TV. This requires strong bargaining. So, it is always wiser to have at least three quotations from three different movers. This will allow you in dominating side. Get price fixed before signing the contract.

Planning systematically: Take adequate time to plan your relocation carefully taking into account all aspects.
Inspection of outdoor furniture: You will need to inspect your outdoor furniture, to avoid insect or larvae infestation.

Avoid packing food or liquids with the consignment

All types of food have a risk of getting crushed, or otherwise mixed up or getting worse. This also results in attracting vermin. Food will occupy space unnecessary for your shipment.

Organize your belongings while packing

Belongings should be arranged in an organized manner as it is a great time-saver. At least one box of “Day One “ should be conveniently located containing items that you will want to begin with.

Mark each of your boxes with your name.
Long distance mover truck has a variety of goods belonging to different people. So, to prevent loss of your belongings, make sure to mark all of your boxes with your name or some other unique identification.

Be aware of the “delivery schedule”
Most companies usually do not tell or cannot confirm their customers well in advance about the dispatch of the good. Generally, the company will provide a delivery schedule which needs to be studied carefully.

Do they have adequate experience, a good client perception?

Trust is a big question and one that’s always to be asked when hiring a mover to move your household stuff. To hire the very best, read reviews, do a background check online, seek testimonials, check to see if any complaints have been lodged, and leverage social media to find out more.

How efficiently they operate?

Video surveys tracking are reshaping the performance of the mover conveniently. With surveyor’s video estimating solution, you schedule an appointment and carry out a video survey. You have to submit them the destination and the items to be moved using your smartphone or tablet. The items are captured, and you are provided with an accurate inventory list (at 92% accuracy) which validates your estimate.

Activities after reaching delivery of your goods: Be aware of parking availability near your new home and parking fees applicable, if any. Also check that whether the mover will need a parking permit in your city, and when your street is typically busy to avoid a traffic jam.

Conclusion: Summing up the above, it can be concluded that for the survival of the long-distance move, selection of the moving company is very crucial.